Project 365 2015 Week 22 Days 144-150

A photo a day, every day, for a year!

Day 144

We visited my brother today, a journey that we haven’t done in such a long time because of my pregnancy and all the adjusting that Little E brought with her. We had a really nice day and although I took my camera with me the only photo I took for today was of Ethan on the journey home!


Day 145

We spent a lovely day at my mum’s, we were able to stay there for most of the day. This is something we haven’t been able to do for more time than I care to remember because Ethan has found it too hard to sit still. This therefore made visiting quite stressful but we enjoyed a clam day which even included bubbles in the garden.


Day 146

I’m trying to introduce more foods into Little E’s weaning and I’m also making the same foods for Ethan. Today they tried eggy bread, French toast. Neither one really took to it so we will have to try again.


Day 147

Ethan went to school today, a kind of respite day for us. We did some shopping before we collected him.


Day 148

Would you believe it Little E is on her second hair cut already as her hair was starting to get in her eyes!


Day 149

Ethan didn’t want to really be around Little E on Thursday after his day at school. We think he found it all too much being so out of routine. He happily let her hold his arm on Friday.


Day 150

If you look closely you can see two little teeth in this photo. The teeth that have been causing all of the pain.

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4 thoughts on “Project 365 2015 Week 22 Days 144-150”

  1. I would eat your eggy read Jane, it looks quite scrummy 🙂 it looks like you’ve had a few little wins with new things this week x

  2. aahhhh the dreaded teething, Lottie has a few more coming through at the moment.
    Glad you got a days respite, and Little E is looking at you as if to say “why does my mum have to be a blogger- more pictures” . Nice that you recognise Ethan needs his own space, makes for a much easier life for everybody. Bob now recognises when he needs time out and takes himself away.

  3. It sounds like a bit of an up and down week – that always happens when you get out of routine doesn’t it. Hope this week has been good so far! x

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