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Word Of The Week – Rest

This past week has been our half-term holiday from school. I haven’t had time off from work so I have had to do the normal juggle. But this week has given me a nice rest from the school run. After all the running around I did last week a rest was needed! Even though I still had to work the children did have a full week of activities. It was good that they were busy and not just waiting for my working day to end.


Monday was a Bank Holiday so I didn’t have to work. I made arrangements to meet up with one of Little E’s friends from her old school. We went to the cinema to watch the new Disney film, The Little Mermaid. Disney did a good job with this remake. I can’t wait to be able to watch it again when it is out on Disney+. I remember my mum taking me to see the original film for my 9th birthday. It felt strange taking Little E to see it with her being nearly nine years old.

At Little E’s request, the children went to the kids club on Tuesday and Wednesday. We have only been booking them in for one day but I didn’t think it would hurt being that I was working this holiday. Little E picked the sports and gamer bus days. But they did have a train day which I think Ethan might have liked more. If they have that day again I think I might book Ethan into that one on his own.

On Thursday the children visited Clacton Pier with their grandparents. There is a new dinosaur attraction that they went to see. It sounded like lots of fun. I’m sure they will be wanting to take us to see it soon.

Friday was the only rest day they really had which I’m glad of as Little E does moan at me for working. I think because I work from home she finds it hard to understand that I can’t just take her out for a walk at the drop of a hat. She will find it hard in the summer holidays. But by working through this holiday I will be able to take some time off in summer with them.

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  1. It sound like a busy week, it must be hard working from home when the kids are home too. I remember my first Disney film at the cinema, it was Pete’s Dragon when I was 11 yrs old. I’m glad you enjoyed The Little Mermaid, my lot say they are too old for Disney films but I’m sure we will watch it at home one day.

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