harry potter movies netflix project 365 2023

Project 365 2023 Week 20, 21 & 22 Days 133-153

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2023 Week 20, 21 and 22. These weeks keep flying by I honestly don’t know where the time goes! The past few weeks have been busy with me doing lots of running about. We also had the May half term which gave me a rest from the usual school run routine.

Project 365 – 2023 Week 20

Day 133

ethan holding coronation swimming medal project 365 2023

Ethan’s swimming club gave them all coronation medals today.

Day 134

ethan little e london eye background project 365 2023

As a family, we have been to London’s South Bank a few times. We have never taken the children on the London Eye. Ethan has always asked about it so his birthday treat was visiting the London Eye today. We also visited the London Aquarium.

Day 135

rose bush project 365 2023

My mum is adding to my garden again. She brought us some rose bushes. She knows I just want plants that don’t need my attention just some space and water.

Day 136

legoland windsor hotel room prices project 365 2023

Little E really wants to stay at the LEGOLAND Hotel for her birthday. We have been many times before but I think she was too young to remember our last trip. I was looking into prices today.

Day 137

james dashner fever code book project 365 2023

I’m still reading The Maze Runner books. I’m not really reading at home at the moment. My head is elsewhere in the evenings. I’m not sure if perhaps I’m finding them a hard read but I do enjoy them when I’m reading the books.

Day 138

cadbury dairy milk caramel project 365 2023

We stopped at the shop on the way home from school. We all got a sweet treat.

Day 139

mr kipling cherry bakewells box project 365 2023

I noticed they had Kipling cakes in the shop yesterday and I wanted them! But I was good and didn’t pick them up. But I’m really having sweet treat cravings at the moment and Darren run out to get us some.

Project 365 – 2023 Week 21

Day 140

harry potter movies netflix project 365 2023

I saw someone mention on Facebook that the Harry Potter films have been added to Netflix. That was our weekend viewing sorted. They even added the Fantastic Beasts films but we had to buy the third one from Amazon to complete the full set.

Day 141

dynamax running pad project 365 2023

Our runner is finally set up in the garage. I have started the Couch to 5K app again. I’m determined to finish it this time.

Day 142

jigsaw changing me worksheets project 365 2023

This term Little E will be having changing me lessons at school. I went into the school today to look at what they would be learning. I think I will get some questions.

Day 143

ethans written subtractions project 365 2023

I got an exciting message from Ethan’s teacher today. She has taught him how to do subtractions. She asked me to see if he would show me at home. This is what he did without any help. I know it’s simple maths but it is such an achievement for him.

Day 144

fever code james dashner book fiat car dashboard project 365 2023

Still making my way through the book when Little E is at her dance class.

Day 145

little e holding caramel iced frappe selfie project 365 2023

As Ethan puts it a special treat of McDonalds for the children after school. For some reason, Little E always gets the best drinks!

Day 146

little e holding flower selfie project 365 2023

Little E wanted to take this selfie on the way home from school.

Project 365 – 2023 Week 22

Day 147

dynamax running pad 1.40 distance project 365 2023

I have to do three runs a week with the Couch to 5K app. I have stuck to it so far.

Day 148

roast dinner

A roast dinner on a Sunday. We normally have them on a Monday but my meal plan was a bit different this week.

Day 149

little e live action little mermaid poster

I took Little E to see the new Little Mermaid film today. We met up with her friend from her old school. I was 9 when my mum took my friend and me to see this film. Little E will be 9 in a few weeks.

Day 150

ethan little e playing hungry hippos

I’m trying to reduce Little E’s screen time, much to her dismay. But it did get the children to play games together again. Hungry Hippos is always a favourite of them both.

Day 151

running dynamax running pad

I completed another run today.

Day 152

ethan little e jurassic pier clacton pier

The children went out with their Nana and Pappy today. They visited the new Jurassic Pier attraction at Clacton Pier.

Day 153

dinosaur toy hatching out egg

Little E brought home a dinosaur egg for Jurassic Pier. She has to leave it in the water for 48 hours to hatch.

That was our 2023 Week 20, 21 and 22 adventure. You can read about weeks 17, 18 and 19 here.

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