Word Of The Week – Exhausted!
Word Of The Week

Word Of The Week – Busy

This week we have been


It has been the week for sorting out the car with its MOT, service and insurance due. I was actually able to save £170 on our car insurance which I’m very pleased about.

We have also booked some Center Parcs activities for the break that we have booked there and I even booked a hotel for BritMums. I really hope I attend this year and don’t talk myself out of it. I think being heavily pregnant last time was a good enough reason to stay at home! It did actually turn out to be the right decision as it wasn’t long after the conference that I became really ill and Little E was delivered early.

We have also started to contact Ethan’s school to arrange his transition, and we will soon have to think about school shoes and uniforms. A big change but one we are excited about.

Ethan also had a dentist appointment with our regular dentist. He did put up a fight and there were lots of NOOOOO’s but Ethan did open his mouth for a few seconds which is amazing progress.

It feels like we have been on the go all week. We even missed baby group because of it, hopefully we will get there next week.

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