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With Ethan’s fifth birthday looming its time for the DLA to review Ethan’s progress. This means we get sent a form with over 40 questions to answer. Questions that ask us to describe the worst side of our son and not celebrate any good points we have reached.

It is a very draining task and because of this it needs to be picked up and put down. So this week any spare moment I have had has involved filling in this dreaded form and it still isn’t complete.

It hasn’t been all about form filling thankfully. On Monday we ventured back towards London and visited a friend who I haven’t seen for more years than I care to remember. We had a great catch up and she got to have cuddles with Little E. I really hope we don’t leave so long between our next visit. Little E also experienced the Dartford Toll for the first time.

We also had some family fun. We took Ethan Tenpin Bowling yesterday. He had seen it on Mr Tumble and we have been wondering if he would like it for a birthday get together. He really enjoyed it and he kept us on our toes including nearly running down one of the other lanes!

A very mixed week of emotions this week, I wonder what next week will bring!

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