Tenpin Bowling

Last Thursday we had planned to spend the morning in our local park to take our Me and Mine photos and just have some fun together. The weather had other ideas so we changed our plans.

Ethan had watched an episode of Mr Tumble where the children went Tenpin Bowling. He loved it and we thought we would try it as a family. So on Thursday afternoon that’s what we did.

Of course with something new there is always the worry of how Ethan will react. When we arrived at the bowling alley Ethan spotted the arcade and immediately vocalised ‘Christmas lights’. This kept him busy whilst we paid for the game and collected the correct size shoes.

We were the only people in the bowling ally which always helps as you don’t have an audience if Ethan reacts badly to the experience.

Darren showed Ethan what to do and there was no stopping him. Ethan was very happy to collect the balls and roll them down the ally. He did keep us on our toes as he tried to pick up every ball, no matter how heavy they were. He also got very excited at points and threw dropped the ball on quite a few occasions deciding against using the ramp. We also had to stop him from running down one of the lanes in his excitement.

Thankfully we only booked one game which was more than enough for Ethan as it was quite a lot of work for us. Keeping him engaged and helping him play the game. We have to work on the taking turns part as he took nearly every go.


12 thoughts on “Tenpin Bowling”

  1. Oh that smile! Look how happy he is!! πŸ™‚ the not knowing how Dylan will react has put me off taking him along which means his big brother misses out. I just fear these unknown situations and it just seems harder at the moment with an active 1 year old on top of it all. Random Q how was he when putting the shoes on? I just dont think Dylan would understand why we were taking his shoes off and putting a different pair on. Hoping this is something that will come with age and time X

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      He was OK changing his shoes here as he had the arcades to look at so that took his attention away. We also played at Center Parcs this past week, this was a different story! He saw the lanes and didn’t understand why we were going in a different direction to get the shoes. We got there in the end with some tears along the way!

  2. Hello there, this is great-it looks like you all had a fantastic time! It’s something we have wanted to try for a while so we must give it a go x #ssamazingachievements

  3. How lovely for you all and thankfully it wasn’t busy so you could all relax.
    We’ve taken D and T bowling and as first it was hard for T especially to understand a new skill, something that he might not immediately be good at (even though he excelled at bowling on the wii).
    Good fun though and I hope you all get another go soon x #SSAmazingAchievements

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      We try to go at quiet times when we can, that won’t be as possible when Ethan is at school. I’m not very good at it but Ethan was more than happy to take my go x

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