Year Two Report and Parents Evening

We actually had Ethan’s year two report and parents evening at the beginning of July. The end of the school year is always busy so I haven’t yet been able to blog about them. As Ethan isn’t in a mainstream setting and we have opted out of following the national curriculum his report is always positive. It focuses on the things he can do, it doesn’t compare him to what he should be doing and ultimately can’t do. When you live in the world of special needs it’s a nice change to read a positive document about your son. I do look forward to getting his reports from school.

Ethan has made progress this year with his learning but his parents evening confirmed he is really at reception level in his work. We have always felt that Ethan is two years behind his peers. It’s good to have this confirmed by seeing his work and I will be happy if this two-year gap is consistent though his school years. I was told by one of the doctors once that Ethan would only learn to a certain point. His learning will then stop, so to me any progress is positive progress. This could have also been the doctor that told us not to have any more children. So glad we never listened to her!

Ethan is now writing his own name along with other words. I have seen his attempt to write his sisters name and his work book was full of different words written by him. He is also reading, he guesses lots of words but at least he attempts them. I have actually captured this on video I just need the time to make the video for you tube.

My favorite part of his report was the following

He is very popular with both staff and his peers partially due to his sunny personality and cheeky smile. Ethan is a gentle and kind little boy who likes to help out by doing little jobs.

Ethan’s parents evening was more of a farewell as he is moving into the juniors in September. This will be the first time he has moved in this education setting. I’m keeping everything crossed that it goes OK.

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  1. A sunny personality, a cheeky smile, kind , gentle and well loved by staff and pupils! Perfect! What more could you ask for really? What a star! Well done Ethan. xxx

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