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Breakfast With Santa at Colchester Zoo 2012 – Continued

Included in the price of breakfast with Santa you get admission into the zoo for the day, we knew we didn’t want to spend the whole day at the zoo due to Ethan not being 100% so we just decided to take him to see the sea lions which is his favourite animal at the zoo. We put this down to being a water based animal as these are the only ones that grab his attention.
On route we stopped at the penguins, another water based animal that was a hit. Ethan did lots of babbling whilst watching the penguins and he worked out that his voice was echoing so he did quite a lot of shouting.  


There was also some fish in there that he could say hello to.
We then made our way to the sea lions, Ethan can watch these for hours and we love to watch Ethan’s face light up when he sees them.










We then decided to see the orangutan’s as their enclosure is attached to the sea lions and I’m glad we did as they are normally hiding but this one wanted to say hello today. It was great to see him because Ethan rarely pays attention to animals that don’t live in water but Ethan quite happily waved to this orangutan. Ethan has really picked up on waving at the moment which is fantastic and it made us laugh that he decided the orangutan deserved a wave.



We had a lovely morning at the Colchester and can’t wait to visit again, hopefully this time in the summer!


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