Christmas 2012 - Nursery Gifts From Ethan

Christmas 2012 – Nursery Gifts From Ethan

Last week Ethan came home from nursery with gifts for us, I love this about nursery as it means I get to put things up on the wall and to me it makes our house more of a home!

Ethan had made a snow-globe which contained a picture of him. 


There was also a reindeer bag that contained the following…


A 2013 calendar that had his hand and foot prints on it.


A Christmas card made using his hand prints…



…and a pine cone decoration that now has a place on the Christmas tree.



I know that Ethan would have had help to make these things and whoever had the job would have had a lot of patience to get the job completed but I treasure every one of the items that are brought home and I hope we get many more. 

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