A Family Meal Without A High Chair!

Ethan hasn’t used a high chair at home for about a year. As he doesn’t like to keep still for more than a second, we felt it was essential to teach him how to eat and stay at the dinner table. A very important life skill. 
This is a skill that we hadn’t yet transferred into eating out in a public place. Not that we get to eat out that often but the few times we have we still put Ethan into a high chair. This is mostly because he doesn’t stay at our dinner table for long, and we have visions of him causing mayhem in the restaurant. Not an enjoyable experience for anyone! 
As it was our anniversary we talked about venturing out for a meal, knowing it wouldn’t be easy. The fact of the matter is we can’t put off eating out anywhere until Ethan is ready. He might be fifteen when he is ready, so the earlier we start teaching him these life skills the better. 
As always nothing in our life ever goes to plan and Ethan was ill on our anniversary so we spent the day in the house. The next day with Ethan a little brighter we decided to try eating out. Nowhere that fancy so Pizza Hut it was!
We got to Pizza Hut early and were able to pick a table. We picked a booth, both agreeing we thought it would be the safest option. We also avoided the buffet choice as we thought this would give Ethan too much opportunity to run, choosing to pick mains from the menu.  
Ethan didn’t say sitting down for long, he stood on the seat and watched everything going on around us, but he didn’t try to leave. It looked like he was interested in everything going on around us. 
We ordered a sharing starter so that Ethan could pick the food he wanted, he decided the garlic bread was his! We also ordered him the pasta from the children’s menu, not knowing if he would eat it. This happens quite regularly with our picky eater, it doesn’t help that we can’t ask Ethan if he is hungry or want he wants to eat.    
The pasta come out piping hot and we kept it out of his way, telling him it was hot. Ethan didn’t show any interest in at after that. He is learning about hot things when we have cups of tea so I’m hoping he connected the word together with the food. 
We gave up all hope of Ethan eating his meal as we had nearly finished ours but to our surprise he started to tuck in. He also helped me share my chocolate cake, I would have loved to have let him have the ice cream factory for his dessert but Ethan isn’t an ice cream boy. When he is with us anyway!
Surprisingly we had a lovely family meal. We thought we would only be in there an hour but we ended us being in the restaurant for over two and a half hours. That included feeding Little E and changing both of the children. 
We are so proud of Ethan this was a big step for us as a family. Now we just have to try a restaurant without the booth option and see how we get on!


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