Sibling Interaction

We have been a family of four for ten weeks now and it has been an adjustment for all of us. My biggest fear at the beginning of our ‘four’ journey was would Ethan accept Little E and thankfully Ethan adores his little sister. There is still a long way to go on their sibling journey but it has been a very positive start.

Ethan doesn’t know how to interact and play with other children, this of course isn’t helped by the fact that he is non-verbal. This issue with interaction is an autistic trait. It’s very sad to watch your child in a room full of children and they look totally alone.

We always said that having another baby wasn’t for us it was for Ethan. We didn’t want to have another child so that they could look after Ethan. The fact of the matter is that the odds of Little E being autistic is one in five, she may also need support herself as she gets older.

We wanted Ethan to have a sibling so that there was someone else in the world that would love him unconditionally. Someone he could interact with in his own special way. A friend for life so he isn’t so lonely in the world full of other children.

Over the past few weeks there have been hints of interaction between them. Of course this is all led by Ethan, but it is led by Ethan and he isn’t just ignoring his little sister.

The first sign of this was when Ethan spent the day playing with the DVD cases. He decided to ‘read’ one of the booklets to her. He kept placing it on her lap and found this very funny.
The other day I put Little E in her cot whilst I got ready and put the mobile on. Ethan found it fascinating and they spent time together watching it. I asked Ethan to point out the elephant for her meaning the big one, but Ethan pointed out the one on the material of the mobile. 
Ethan has also spent time pointing out the animals on her play mat. Through this we have discovered that Ethan knows how to say cow and also the noise that it makes. 
They even watched the TV together yesterday as we prepared the dinner. Well Little E didn’t really have much choice as she was in her bouncer and it was facing towards the TV. 

Of course we have no idea if Ethan and Little E will have the connection we wish them to have, but I’m so glad we become a family of four so hopefully there is a chance.



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