Making Our Easter Bonnet

At Easter Ethan’s nursery run an Easter Bonnet competition. We took part last year and Ethan needed quite a bit of help to create his bonnet. With Ethan’s enthusiasm for building the ginger bread house at Christmas, I hoped that he might enjoy the bonnet making more this year.

This meant a trip to The Range to buy the supplies.

Making Our Easter Bonnet

This year I purchased some stickers as Ethan has been showing an interest, along with chicks and eggs.

Ethan dived straight into the stickers, amazing me by being able to peel off the backing, and sticking them onto the top of the hat.

Making Our Easter Bonnet EasterBonnet2 Making Our Easter Bonnet Making Our Easter Bonnet

I tried to get Ethan to stick the stickers elsewhere on the hat but the top of the hat is where he wanted them.

I showed him the chicks and the eggs, he didn’t want to use the mini versions of the eggs, but he placed some of the eggs and chicks on the rim. I stuck them with glue in the places that Ethan placed them.

Ethan got very obsessive with his decorating but I’m so pleased he wanted to sit with me and decorate his Easter Bonnet. When I initially asked him if he wanted to make his bonnet Ethan responded with a ‘No’.

We easily sat at the table for thirty minutes working on Ethan’s creation.

Easter Bonnet

He must have enjoyed this craft activity because at 5.30am the following morning he wanted to continue his work. I had to explain that his hat was finished and was able to distract him with his breakfast.



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