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How To Make Your Florida Trip Come True While On A Budget

Travelling to America might seem like an unrealistic dream for many people. The main reason is that the flights and extras can add up to be rather expensive. However, many places in America are achievable while being on a budget – even Florida!

Trips like Disney Orlando are possible on a budget. With there being park fees on top of transportation and accommodation costs, many people assume that visiting Florida is not possible for those on a budget. Yet, it is.

Here are some useful tips to make your Florida dream possible while being on a budget.

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Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Shop Around and Don’t Skip the Research

When people start to look for holidays, their excitement can quickly take over, which leads to a rushed decision. However, the more patient you are with your search, the more great deals you will find.

For example, at Ocean-florida.co.uk you can find brilliant deals to suit your budget. Whether you want to experience a lavish holiday or visit Florida on a tighter budget, there is something to suit everyone. Finding low-cost holiday options is never impossible if you shop around and do your research.

Sometimes you can find great deals online. Or, you can find amazing deals and recommendations through word of mouth. The more patient and proactive you are about doing research for your Florida trip, the more budget finds you will discover.

Be Smart with Your Accommodation

While it can be desirable to stay as close to the parks as possible during your visit to Florida, it sometimes is not the most money-savvy option.

You can still close within close proximity to the parks and pay a more desirable price. Yet, you will likely need to hire a car, which is often handy to have while in Florida anyway. Hence, if you can find nice accommodation that is further away from the parks that are within your budget, then you will be able to attain your dream holiday.

Getting a car hire for a week or more can be expensive too, so make sure to do your research and counter this into the accommodation cost so that you can afford both. The last thing you will want is getting stuck at your accommodation and having no easy access to the parks.

Find Free Things To Do 

Every location in the world has free things to do, including Florida.

There are plenty of beaches, museums, and vineyards to visit throughout the state. It isn’t just all about the parks. Having a car will make these free activities easy to access.

Don’t Set Your Expectations and To-Do List High

If you are travelling anywhere on a budget, especially in Florida, then it is important to not set your expectations too high. If you create an extensive list of things to do and see, then you will likely not fulfil that desire.

Instead, going to Florida with a small list will ensure that you can tick everything off and not go home feeling disappointed. For instance, it is a smart idea to pick select parks and things to see instead of choosing them all. The parks can be expensive, especially when you counter in the food.

Parking Savvy

When you hire a car in Florida and use it to drive to the parks, you will need to pay the parking fees. Of which, are not cheap.

The parking fees are high yet, you can reuse your tickets for all parks on the same day. Therefore, if you plan to visit several parks then make sure to reuse your ticket and avoid paying multiple times. You will only be throwing away money that you could be used for other things.

Visit During Off-Peak Times

Any worldwide destinations are more expensive during the peak seasons. Hence, it is a good idea to visit Florida during off-peak times (Spring and Winter). Although the temperatures will be cooler, you will save yourself a lot of money. Plus, Florida can sometimes be too hot often during the summer months.

Try to avoid travelling during hurriance season if possible, which can be at its worst in September and October.

Carry Your Own Food

Food in Florida can be expensive, especially in and around the parks. Therefore, you can save yourself a lot of money and make the trip more financially comfortable if you carry your own food.

Taking a backpack full of lunches and snacks will ensure that you and your group are catered for throughout the day. Making sure you are fuelled will allow you to expend all of your energy at the parks.

Refill Your Water for Free Around the Parks

On the topic of nourishing yourself while exploring all that Florida has to offer, make sure to carry your own water bottle around with you.

There are lots of free water fountains around the parks so that you can stay hydrated and not have to spend an extra penny.

Avoid Paying for Souvenirs from the Park Shops

Although the merchandise and souvenirs are desirable, they are often far too expensive for anyone that is travelling on a budget. Therefore, it is a sensible idea to avoid paying for souvenirs from the park shops. They always add on a bit extra because they know people are willing to pay the price.

If you are planning on heading elsewhere (to the beaches and city), then you will likely find the same souvenirs for a much lower price. Hence, you can still treat yourself but now blow your entire budget on merchandise.

Knowing that it is possible to travel to Florida on a budget is exciting, right? With the right organisation and planning, you can soon travel to your dream American destination and pay a price that you can afford. It is not necessary to pay extortionate prices for accommodation or food. Booking your trip ahead of time and taking on these tips will make sure that you can make it possible and fit well within your financial means.

DISCLOSURE – This is a collaborative post.

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