3 tips for keeping your skin hydrated while travelling

3 Tips For Keeping Your Skin Hydrated While Travelling

Many of us may be daydreaming about travelling, as the weather gets warmer. The holidays have always been a time when smart habits tend to be pushed aside, be it because of the food you eat, the amount of sleep you sleep, or other common-sense behaviours. But let’s face it: There is nothing that makes enjoyment more difficult than not feeling ready to start the day.

3 tips for keeping your skin hydrated while travelling

Preparation is the key. If you’re used to eating right and getting enough exercise by now, maintaining that lifestyle on vacation (even if it’s a bit more relaxed) will be a lot easier.

In addition to immersing yourself in a regular exercise routine and a good diet, follow these tips to stay in your best shape and support your overall health while taking advantage of much-needed rest and fun.

Set The Standard With Supplements Before You Start Your Trip

Living a healthy lifestyle all year round is the best way to support a healthy immune system when you are away from home. Take time each week to move your body, eat vegetables, get enough sleep, and take vitamins.

Vitamin D, as well as elderberry capsules, are good supplements to include in your routine. They support heart and immune system health as well as many other things. On the other hand, travel can sometimes affect digestion, so consider taking a probiotic supplement to help you. Many supplement combinations such as the ones found at fotopharmacy.com come in pre-arranged daily dose packs making them very convenient for travel.

Follow The Safety Guidelines

Before you travel, be sure to review the local safety guidelines for your destination so that you are prepared to follow the rules.

Be prepared to wear a mask, wash your hands, avoid touching your face, and maintain social distancing whenever possible. Pack an extra hand sanitiser, in case you can’t wash your hands.

Drink Enough Water

Staying hydrated has a host of health benefits, plus it makes you feel good. So make sure you drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated.

You may find the water a bit boring compared to the oversized umbrella drink you’ve been looking at, but staying hydrated will help you feel and function great while on vacation. Go ahead and get that umbrella glass, but make sure you put water in it.

You can even make hydration more fun and beneficial by choosing functional sparkling water that includes varieties focused on hydration and recovery. It is low in carbohydrates and has no sugar, caffeine, or calories. Also, you can use it to create your own umbrella drinks.

If your travels take you on a lot of active and adrenaline-filled adventures pack some add-ons to give your water bottle an extra splash of electrolytes and replenish any losses you may have had during the Activities of the day.

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