4 common eye care myths among travelers

4 Common Eye Care Myths Among Travelers

You rely on your eyes from the moment you wake up until you close them at night. Thanks to them, you see the world around you. They are one of our body’s most important vital organs. But are you giving your eyes the care they deserve and need?

4 common eye care myths among travelers

All eyes have a special beauty, especially if they have a strange colour. But what are the most common myths about eye care among travellers, who constantly strain their eyesight by constantly exposing their eyes to the sun’s ultraviolet rays? Let’s find out:

You do not need to wear sunglasses all year round

Many people think that sunglasses are only for summer or that they are clean for fashion reasons. But we must also wear sunglasses in winter since even then the sun’s rays are harmful to our eyes.

Not wearing them all year round can have unpleasant effects on the cornea of ​​our eye, and it is not uncommon for skin cancer to appear in the area around the eyes. Make sure your glasses are protected from UVA and UVB rays and wear them continuously, whether you are in the sun or not.

You do not need to check the expiration dates of the solutions and drops you use

Keeping an expired solution for your contact lenses in the closet is not a solution. This solution is supposed to kill bacteria from your lenses, so it will indeed not “neutralize” properly if it has expired. The same is true with your sterile contact lenses, but this begins to leave over time. Artificial tears and various eye drops also have an expiration date, to which you must pay close attention. And, of course, do not rinse your lenses with any liquid or even water; you should only use sterile products.

Continued use of the devices poses no risks

Electronic screens found on computers, tablets and mobile phones, emit blue light. According to doctors, these can be as harmful as the sun’s rays. Focusing on a screen for many hours can even cause headaches and eye strain.

If you were told to run for many hours, your feet would have some injuries, right? Think about what your eyes can get if you do not rest them on the computer all day. Follow the rule 20-20, i.e. 20 minutes of work, 20 minutes break to relax your eyes, see at a distance and focus somewhere else.

Frequent visits to the ophthalmologist are not necessary

As one ophthalmologist describes, his clients tell him that they have not gone for an examination in the last 12 years because everything was fine the last time they went. But be careful because such a thing is not good for our eyes. Not only is vision changing even day by day, but you need to check your eyes regularly because even if something goes wrong, such as a broken blood vessel, it will not cause you pain from the beginning, but you may gradually start to not see clearly, and things reach the point of no return. As travellers, you should check your vision regularly in a reliable and well-established clinic such as the Vision Clinic in Southampton, which with its specialized staff, offers substantial control and examination to each of its patients.

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