most popular entertainment venues london fields

The Most Popular Entertainment Venues in London Fields

The Hackney area may be famous for bringing together dozens of hipsters, but there is no doubt about the variety of options it offers, whether one is looking for a place for quality drinks, food or even play. Of course, one of the most beautiful places is the London Fields area with its beautiful park, which is ideal for walks and summer picnics. This area, of ​​course, was not left unexploited, so dozens of businesses and places have been created that can offer you fantastic moments of fun and entertainment. So what are these places? Let’s find out:

most popular entertainment venues london fields

NT Loft

First place in London Fields is the NT Loft Warehouse Bar with its wonderful cocktail menu. Beautiful music “dresses” the space, which is illuminated by the sun’s natural light and the store’s outdoor booths that offer the required privacy. This particular store places great emphasis on the element of live music, which is why every week, it hosts talented musicians in its field. This is a great place to spend the evening with friends and family, no matter how large your group of people is.

Pub on the Park

The Pub on the Park is exactly what its name implies. Its spacious and at the same time welcoming space is aimed at the whole range of people, whether they are looking for a place to relax with a drink on the comfortable sofas, or they are looking for more intense fun while drinking and having fun standing up. The place also has a rich menu of delicious food, the ideal companion for your drinks. Private spaces and terraces give an even more special character to the space, which is utilized to the fullest. The friendly atmosphere that prevails in the store premises is also reflected in the kind of people who visit the specific place.

Timeless Bar

The unique feature of the Timeless Bar is that it offers the happy hour offer all day long. The offer of two cocktails at one price definitely wins the attention of most customers who flood the store premises. The Timeless Bar further enriches the consumer experience, offering customers the Cocktail Time Machine offer, where one can make a “tasty journey” between the decades, taking three different classic cocktails, carefully made by the best mixologists. This experience alone is able to attract all those friends of drink and taste and all this combined with fantastic prices and highly professional staff.

Plonk Golf

Plonk Golf came to change the whole golf experience in the London Fields area and the greater London area. From their pre-service as set designers, the people of Plonk Golf created a dream space, where the game meets the imagination in an explosive design that will magnetize young and old. For years, this space has been filled with people of all ages who want to spend their time happily, laughing and playing with their loved ones. The in the London Fields area is waiting to welcome you for all those ambitious golfers

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