Awarded Star Of The Day For Sitting

Last week Ethan came home with a ‘Well Done’ sticker on his jumper. The fact that he had kept this sticker on is an achievement in itself as Ethan doesn’t ‘do’ stickers! I wondered what it was for and wished that I could ask him. His book bag soon answered my questions. Inside was a certificate awarding Ethan Star of the Day for sitting.

star of the day sitting

We have yet to talk to Ethan’s teachers about how he is settling into his new class. We know that Ethan likes to keep ‘busy’ and move about. The fact that he was awarded a Star of the Day for sitting must mean that he is moving about a bit.

I must admit I did get a little upset last week as Ethan’s class has started to do simple meditation. A message was sent home telling us that at this time Ethan would be taken to the sensory room. I knew this meant that he was finding the meditation and sitting still difficult. Darren gave me a bit of a talking to which made be feel a little better about it all.

We will be getting a chance to talk to Ethan’s teachers this week. I’m hoping we will get a good report which will make me feel better. I know Ethan is happy in his new class just from how he is in himself. I have also had reports that he is using words more around the school. He is also making ‘friends’ with the children in his school transport. I have always said happy is the most important thing about Ethan’s education, anything else is a bonus.

2 thoughts on “Awarded Star Of The Day For Sitting”

  1. It sounds like the school are being accommodating to his needs at least. A friend on twitter has a child that seems be forced to go to one of these daily things and it doesn’t seem to be working for him. Glad Ethan is happy this year at school. #SmallStepsAA

  2. Well done Ethan!
    I hope you get some information about his timetable at the parents evening, D is generally way too tired to talk about her day so any information we get is a bonus.
    It sounds like Ethan is happy there, which is definitely the main thing x #SmallStepsAA

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