Sleep, We Don’t Need Sleep!

Don’t let the pictures fool you but an undisturbed night of sleep doesn’t happen in our home! It used to, Ethan was able to be put in his cot and you wouldn’t hear anything from him until the morning. All that changed when I went back to work when he was eleven months old.  Ethan now has

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Our Country Park

On Sunday we decided to find our local country park as we have yet to visit it since we moved here at the start of the year. We ended up driving round the long way to find the entrance to the car park and it turns out that it is less than five minutes away from us. 

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Ethan’s First Nursery Painting!

Warning you are about to enter a proud mummy moment! At the beginning of this month Ethan started to attend nursery, two mornings a week. He is looked after by his Nan and Granddad whist I go to work so he gets very limited time mixing with other children apart from his swimming lessons and song time at the library.

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