Ethan loves to jump. He jumps on our bed every morning and he even got a mini trampoline as a birthday present from his Nanny and Grandad. There is also a trampoline in the play area of the park and Ethan loves going on it when the big kids are having a go, as he gets thrown all over the place. I’m having mini heart attacks at this point so we only try to take him near it when it is quiet. 

I had been told about BounceAbility before but for some reason I never looked into it. Perhaps I feel more settled into our routine now and was ready to add something else in. I think our key worker must have also said Ethan would really benefit from going, and with that I booked us in. 

BounceAbility is a trampoline centre for people with disabilities and you can book a one on one time with an instructor. Not that I’m expecting them to teach Ethan any tricks, I’m just glad he can go and safely burn off some bouncing steam.   

Our first time there was quite stressful as we had to go in early to fill in consent forms etc. Ethan saw someone on one of the trampolines and wanted to head right over there to join in. Obviously we had to wait our turn, something that Ethan doesn’t quite understand yet, so we had to hold him back. This turned into lots of tears and a bit of a meltdown, which was quite stressful for all of us. 

Thankfully we have now worked out how to stop this meltdown happening again. I now go in on my own and they let me know when they are ready for Ethan. I then collect everyone from the car and we go in for Ethan’s turn. 

We do need to teach Ethan how to wait for things, but we need to work on that at home first before we put it into practise on the outside world.   

I think Ethan is really enjoying his BounceAbility sessions, I’m so glad we started to go. 





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  1. Trampolining is so great for kids with disabilities. My daughter has low muscle tone, learning issues and LOVES spending time on the trampoline – she will spot one anywhere and jump and jump! Some of our schools actually have small ones outside the classroom where they send kids to jump if they start getting disruptive 🙂

  2. What a fabulous idea – and it really does take the stress off of you in such a safe environment with dedicated instructors. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

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