Child Assessment Observation 2

Yesterday was Ethan’s second observation and this week we walked him into the nursery room and left quietly when he wasn’t looking. This would hopefully give them the time to observe Ethan without having to worry about us, so we went and had a hot chocolate at the coffee shop. 

We got talking to one of the other mums whose son is also going through the observations so the time past really quickly. This is the second time she has been through the process and gave us lots of good advise. 

When it was time to collect Ethan we went back into the nursery room and they talked us through all the toys that had brought out for him to play with. They were toys that we don’t normally play with at home, little people play sets, dolls houses etc. Basically no buttons, noise, flashing lights or spinning wheels so they did say that they found it quite hard to grab Ethan’s attention with certain things and that he only really engaged with things that he was really interested in. This isn’t news to us as when we had our observation days at Ethan’s nursery we saw for ourselves how hard the girls work to engage Ethan, its the reason why we are so exhausted every night!

Ethan also totally ignored me when we went into the room. He saw my mum first, and she normally collects him from his nursery, and that was it his mind was set on leaving and he just kept looking at the door. I was right next to him and he just looked right through me. I know not to take this personally because when we leave our house the last thing we have to do is put Ethan’s shoes and coat on, if we put them on and don’t leave the house all hell breaks out because we haven’t done what Ethan is expecting, I suppose breaking a routine. 

Two down, two to go…

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