Copying Daddy – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

As Ethan is getting older we sometimes notice that he is doing things that he must be copying from us. For example his step in the bathroom, I now can’t bend down to pull out from under the sink so I have been using my foot to get it out. Ethan will sometimes pull it out by using his foot.


Darren stored Ethan’s birthday balloons behind the TV at night, Ethan is now throwing things behind the TV when he is done with them. This isn’t a good thing and not a habit we want to keep, Ethan finds it hilarious! Darren now spends the weekends trying to fish everything out. We are working to stop this new habit!

On Sunday we finally got out and about and visited the beach. Ethan and Darren were having fun paddling in the sea when Darren decided to splash Ethan with the water using his feet.

After a while Ethan started to use his feet to try to splash the water. He wasn’t doing it as well as Darren but he tried to get his Daddy wet.
When Ethan started to lose attention, creating a circuit to follow, Darren showed him how to skim rocks on the sea. It wasn’t long before Ethan was searching for his own rocks and throwing them into the sea. 
What was funny was there was another family on the beach telling their little boy not to throw stones and here we were encouraging it. We like to do things differently! 
A very small step but lovely to know that perhaps Ethan maybe ready to start learning from our example. We better make sure we are on our best behaviour now!

5 thoughts on “Copying Daddy – Small Steps Amazing Achievements”

  1. Caroline Elliott

    Aww it’s lovely when they start copying isn’t it? Although sometimes the things we do without thinking don’t feel wrong until you see them repeating the action back at you lol! (like the balloons behind the TV :)) Looks like they were having loads of fun on the beach! xx #ssamazingachievements xx

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