D-Day Also Known As Diagnosis Day!

Well yesterday was the day I feel like I have been waiting for since the 1st of June last year. That was the day when the penny dropped for me that Ethan was showing autistic traits.

I feel like I have travelled a world of emotions since then and it feels like we have been in limbo for a very long time but I know that we are one of the lucky ones as it hasn’t even been a year since I requested a referral from our doctor.

Yesterday Ethan was officially
diagnosed with Autism.

At the moment I feel a huge sense of relief. Relief that my concerns about Ethan’s traits were right and relief that we can start moving in a direction to get Ethan the help that he needs to develop and grow.

It has taken me a long time to get to this place and I still have good days and bad days but as a parent I’m prepared that this will be an emotional journey. 

All I know is that Ethan is an amazing little boy and this diagnosis doesn’t change him as it is part of his wonderful personality. Ethan is our little superstar!

As Dr. Seuss said…

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