Ethan Said Daddy!

Whilst the boys are having a cat nap and I quickly eat my lunch before starting the shopping list I thought I would share with you the fantastic moment we had this morning so that it is documented before our busy lives take over.  

Darren had a boys night out last night and stayed over his friends and whilst Ethan and I were eating breakfast Darren text us to say hello. I turned to Ethan and said “It’s Daddy!” and Ethan, as clear as a bell said, Daddy!

I couldn’t believe it so I quickly called Darren and put him on loud speaker to let him know what had happened and so that Ethan could hear him. 

When we hang up Ethan said Daddy three more times. 

I’m over the moon!

Why you ask? 

This is the first time that I have heard Ethan clearly make any connection with an item and a clear word.  I’m hoping its the connection that he knows I talk to Darren quite a lot on the phone and not that he thinks the phone is his daddy! 

I’m not sure if this will happen again but it shows a baby step of progress and baby steps are amazing. 

We have had a few occasions where we have to double take what Ethan is babbling and ask ourselves “Did he just say…”. I have been told that Ethan says Granddad as Grangad and the nursery have reported that Ethan said heart as he was holding a heart shape. We also think that twice this week Ethan has waved and said bye. 

These milestones are rare in our house as with everything in Ethan’s world it has to be on his terms, but every milestone is cherished and celebrated.

I’m linking this post with Magic Moments as this was a very rare MAGIC MOMENT!


7 thoughts on “Ethan Said Daddy!”

  1. Oh that is brilliant. I am so pleased.
    I know what you mean – some things I completely resign myself to thinking our son will never do a certain something and then he just amazes us and does it!

  2. Wow, that must have been amazing to hear him say that. Lovely moment and one to cherish for a long time.

  3. Brilliant stuff, I am looking forward to having the boy shout ‘daddy’. He does it at the moment but usually when he is pointing at the car, fridge, grass, cat, his juice bottle or the toaster – never at me. We’ll get there!

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