Eating Toast – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

Ethan used to eat bread. He would have sandwiches in his packed lunch and we would be able to take some with us whenever we went out. This meant that no matter what, Ethan would always have something to eat.

Then one day he decided he didn’t want to eat bread anymore and lunch time was restricted to scrambled eggs or spaghetti hoops. This made food on day trips even worse as all Ethan would then eat when out and about was chips!

Last week I fancied having spaghetti on toast whilst Ethan had his. So as I prepared lunch I decided I would also put some toast on Ethan’s plate. I always feel I should offer Ethan the food even though I know he wont eat it, the down side is we waste lots of food as it ends up in the bin.

To my surprise Ethan took one quarter of toast off of the plate and started to eat it. I watched him open mouthed not wanting to move and distract him in anyway. He continued to eat two more pieces of toast before moving on to the spaghetti.

I couldn’t believe it, Ethan was eating bread, the answer to our ‘What should Ethan have for lunch’ issues!

Thinking that it may have been a one off I have tested him with a few more pieces of toast, and Ethan has eaten them. Now I want to try sandwiches, but I’m not going to push my luck and try it just yet. As you all know, it really is all about those small steps!

9 thoughts on “Eating Toast – Small Steps Amazing Achievements”

  1. Brilliant! That’ll make things so much easier for you. Fingers crossed you can sneak the sandwiches in soon! I know how you mean with food wasting I always give the little one things I know he won’t eat – I live in hope though! Xx

  2. Well done Ethan! That’s fab news lovely. Cam went completely off bread for a while too. Wouldn’t eat it for about a year. It wasn’t until he started nursery he started eating it again. Was glad as I didn’t have to cook twice a day anymore.

    x x x

  3. Oh yes, been there – and with my eldest too! Was never as surprised as when my ASD girl picked up a brown bread ham sandwich at a party and ate it, crusts and all. Was amazing she’d coped with staying at the party for a change, never mind the fact she ate something that she’d never eaten for me at home (and never would again, since!). We are relaly stuck in a chips rut at the mo and it’s bugging me πŸ™ x

  4. It is such a task to have them eat on the go! I think presentation is the key. Because you gave him the same food in a new form, he liked it. Spaghetti on toast, huh? Never tried it, but sounds good!

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