Ethan Love’s Letters

I really enjoy linking up to the Magic Moments linky but because of my computer issues I wasn’t able to join up last week and before I knew it, it was Monday again and I was left thinking what Magic Moment have we had lately and I couldn’t think of one.

WHAT?! I can hear you say! Ethan has been doing amazing things over the past few weeks, how can you not think of one!

To be honest the reason is I can’t keep up with him, and I haven’t been able to capture any of it on video to show you all, there is also so much that I need to blog about and share with you all that I’m going to have to start making myself a list.

Then I remembered I created some videos that I’m yet to upload on you tube and at least two of them could be classed as a Magic Moment so I decided to share with you all Ethan’s Love of Letters.

Ethan was a very lucky boy for his birthday and got lots of amazing gifts from family and friends which included an animal words puzzle pair set. This is just perfect for him as they use real photos of the animals, which I’m always told is the correct thing to do for children on the autistic spectrum. Ethan may not be totally ready for the puzzle part of this game yet but he really enjoys all the letters. I will let the video tell you the story…

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3 thoughts on “Ethan Love’s Letters”

  1. On iPad and can’t see the video 🙁 Will hop on to laptop later! It’s so hard to keep up with them sometimes isn’t it?! I am rubbish at writing some of the ‘little’ things down and you just forget so quickly. I’ve started a list too to try and keep better track 🙂

  2. sabrina montagnoli

    Clever boy! Does his voice go higher once he has spelt it out because he is “praising” himself…it’s like he is saying well done for doing it!

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