Ethan’s Obsessions – Pooh’s Heffalump Movie

Ethan has a few obsessions and they do change depending on his mood. Having an obsession can be an autistic trait and one that I know we experience so as we sit, Ethan ill on the sofa (don’t worry as confirmed by the doctor this morning its another viral infection), watching the Heffalump movie for the third time today I thought I would blog about it. 

Ethan discovered the Heffalump movie last summer when they showed it on Disney Junior, I was sorting out dinner and I realised that Ethan hadn’t moved from the front room for a while. Ethan is a little boy that is always on the go and doesn’t keep still or want us out of his sight at any time, this is of course unless he has his hands on the ipad in which case he does still follow us round with it attached to him!

We had tried him with a few movies before but nothing held his attention like this, and even today he is sitting watching it laughing at all the jokes and smiling at me whenever he gets the chance. We can only put it down to the music used in the film and the child like voices used for Roo and Lumpy. Ethan makes us aware that he wants to watch the film by giving us the remote control and he will quite happily watch it all day if given the chance.

I love our Heffalump moments as it gives me a chance to give Ethan lots of cuddles.

We do of course have other obsessions The Gruffalo, The Steps Concert and not to mention doors! All part of our little guys unique personality…   

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