Happy 2nd Birthday Ethan’s Escapades

Today our little piece of the Internet turns two years old!

I can’t believe how quickly this past year has flown by and how much has changed in that short space of time. 

This year has been one big roller coaster ride for our little family. We have had some very good highs but it has been a battle to get there. 

We battled with the education system and we were very lucky for Ethan to be awarded a place at a special school. This adventure we are yet to start. We were very lucky to be awarded a grant from the family fund, and were able to spend precious time with our Australian family. Getting a Disney fix at the same time. Ethan is making lovely progress and we couldn’t believe it when he started to drink from a cup. A small step but one that made Ethan grow up before our eyes. 

The biggest change is that we become a family of four. A little lady has joined our journey. This was a very big step for us and one we wasn’t sure was going to happen as we had been advised not to have any more children due to the 1 in 5 autism risk. Thankfully we decided not to listen as Ethan adores his little sister and I can’t wait to see how their relationship grows over the coming years. 

I don’t find pregnancy easy and I found it very hard to keep the blog going. I had terrible morning sickness for quite a while but I’m glad I persisted with blogging as it really does help me though our highs and lows.

Happy Birthday Ethan’s Escapades!

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