Happy Birthday Beautiful Boy, Seven Today!

Dear Ethan,

Happy Birthday, today you turn seven!

Seven feels so far away from that little bundle placed in my arms seven years ago but you are still very much my baby.

You are our amazing little boy and you have come so far over the past year. You enjoy school and they have helped to bring on your speech and the words you know. You are learning to read which has been helped with your passion for logos and signs. You have discovered car logos on you tube and can now name every car that we pass. You have started to ask me about your friends which is why we decided to celebrate your birthday with your friends yesterday at soft play.

You are still our little thrill seeker and love going on rides. You still love the water and you can now swim unaided even if you haven’t worked out that you can. You love going to the beach to visit the sea and that is your happy place.

You are an amazing big brother and I love the bond that is developing with your sister. You do have your battles with each other but that is what being a sibling is all about!

We have some amazing things planned for you this year and we look forward to making some amazing memories in your seventh year.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Boy x

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