Clacton Pavilion – Wild West Horses

Ethan has always been a thrill seeker and has always loved going on rides. We had to find places to visit that could accommodate both Ethan and a parent on the ride. The Clacton Pavilion Fun Park was one of those places with the rides being big enough for two people. With Ethan getting older and bigger and more rides becoming available to him we are having to question if the rides are ‘safe’ for him. We have to make sure that if Ethan decides the ride isn’t for him half way through he won’t be able to hurt himself trying to get off. We also want to be able to be as close to him as possible if he needs any reassurance. When visiting the Clacton Pavilion Fun Park we have been letting Ethan go on the little car ride by himself with success. The last time we visited we were brave enough to let him go on the Wild West Horses by himself.

Ethan really enjoys this ride and did amazingly well going on the horses by himself. He listened to the lady and us when we told him he had to hold on and sit nicely. It was nice to see this little bit of independence for Ethan but we will always have to judge what rides we think he could handle on his own.

With us also being brave enough to let his sister try the Wild West Horses for the first time Ethan was able to ride them twice on the day we visited.

2 thoughts on “Clacton Pavilion – Wild West Horses”

  1. Mummy Times Two

    Aww bless him, he looks incredibly proud of himself sat on top of that horse! What a great achievement. #SSAmazingAchievement

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