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How to Make Your Entire Home Baby-Friendly

When it comes to your home, there are many things to worry about. From keeping it clean to ensuring you get the most out of every space, it can feel like an ongoing project that has no end in sight. When you have a baby, these worries are amplified. You may have thought your home was ready for a newborn, but suddenly, you see danger everywhere. This is not good for you or the baby, so consider how you can make your entire home baby-friendly. 

baby on rubber ring - Make Your Home Baby-Friendly
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Make Sure There Is Enough Space 

The more space you have, the more opportunities your baby will have to explore without the risk of hurting themselves. Removing obstacles from your living room, dining room, and more will create clear pathways where your curious child can get to know their surroundings. With this extra space, you’ll have enough room to set up Moses Baskets for them to snooze in while you’re watching the TV, especially if you don’t want to spend too much time away from them, which is something all new parents experience. 

Cover Up Hazardous Areas 

From sockets to the staircase, your curious baby will want to explore as much as possible. But, these are two of the most dangerous areas around the home, so you must use socket covers and stair gates to tell them these areas are out of access. While you will spend most of your time adoring your child, you may need to leave them alone for a second to answer the door or make a drink. If you take the time to cover up hazards, you will not panic if they go for a wander around the house, and you can pick them up and place them back in their cot without any issues. 

Keep a Lock-On Things 

Another thing to consider is locking up doors and drawers that could collide with your child or even cause them to lock themselves inside. You should close all bathroom or toilet doors when you are not using them, and there are ways to babyproof your kitchen to keep them out of the cupboards, drawers and the oven so their curiosity doesn’t get the best of them. These fixes are efficient and you should have no trouble removing them once your child is old enough. 

Make Sure Their Favorite Toys Are In Reach

Your child will have so many toys that they won’t know what to do with them, but you should make sure they have a few of their favourites within easy reach so they can play with them whenever they desire. Keep an easy-to-reach basket in their bedroom or the living room so they don’t get bold and try to climb up on the sofa or cabinets to reach something else. If you can, keep their other toys out of sight so they aren’t tempted. 

Safety First 

Baby safety is one of the most important aspects of having children. There are many hazards littered throughout your home, so identifying where they are and making quick but effective fixes will do wonders for your child and your peace of mind. 

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