Leap Pad and Learning Letters – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

Last Christmas we got Ethan a leap pad as his main present. He has loved watching all the video clips on there but that is all he really did with it. 

For the past two weeks Ethan has been very ill and to break up his iPad time I have also given him his leap pad. There is a pet section where you can get your pet to do tricks by tracing letters of the alphabet with the stylus. Ethan really wanted to do this so I positioned his hand on the stylus to hold it and then I held the top to move it in the correct direction to complete the letters. 

Ethan really enjoyed doing this and over the days I caught Ethan attempting to trace the letters by himself. He can start the capital m and he even completed the capital i and e by himself. 

On occasion Ethan even made some of the letter sounds when picking the letter he wanted us to trace. 

When Ethan is feeling 100% better I’m going to print off some letter sheets from the internet so that we can do this activity without the use of technology.

I was really worried how we would introduce the idea of writing into Ethan’s life with the prospect of school looming soon, but I think we may just be making a slow introduction by complete accident.    

4 thoughts on “Leap Pad and Learning Letters – Small Steps Amazing Achievements”

  1. What a great surprise then, good luck with it. We have tried letters for the first time today as Monkeyh has shown no interest. But I’ve realised that the book we have doesn’t cater for us lefties who like to do everything differently! #SSAA

  2. Oh bless him, well done Ethan! I love when you discover something great or a new skill by accident, it’s just lovely 🙂 xx SSAmazingAchievements

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