Making Cakes For Sport Relief

Ethan was sent home with a letter from school listing everything that they were going to do for Sport Relief. One of the activities was a bake-off.

We haven’t done any form of baking for ages now so I decided that I would buy a cake kit so that Ethan could enter the bake-off part of the day.

As soon as Ethan got home on the Thursday afternoon I got everything ready so that we could make the cakes. Ethan did get confused and think I was giving him a cake to eat but I was able to quickly show him that we needed to mix the cakes.


He helped with the mixing but he quickly got distracted. I knew it would also be quite tough for him to make the mixture smooth so I did take over. I thought Ethan might want to help me put the cake mixture in cases but he was happy to let me do that part.

We baked the cakes and let them cool ready for decorating after dinner. This was where the fun began!

Ethan wanted to eat all of the decorations. It was literally a battle against time for me to ice the cakes ready for decoration before Ethan ate all of the decorations.

The good thing about it was that Ethan was happy to decorate the cakes, so the fact that he couldn’t eat all of the decorations didn’t result in any meltdowns.

SportReliefCakes3 Project36614

I was very proud of Ethan’s cake decorating, he had no help at all placing the items on the cakes. I sent him off to school on the Friday morning ready to enter the bake-off.


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