ethan little e outside swimming pool valley farm holiday park project 365 2021

Our Siblings During August 2021

August 2021 was the school summer holiday for our siblings. As I’m working in the week, leaving the children to have lots of movie days, we try to fill the weekends with adventures. Our siblings started August 2021 with a mini staycation in a caravan. The Essex Disability Service offer breaks to families with disabled children. We have been able to book for a few years but I never have done. It was the wettest weekend of the month but our siblings enjoyed swimming together. We also took the time to have some much-needed downtime.

ethan little e outside swimming pool valley farm holiday park project 365 2021

Due to our siblings going on a bigger adventure at the end of August 2021 we kept our plans pretty local. Spending most of our weekends in Clacton-on-Sea. Our siblings had an invite to review the Clacton Pavilion Water Park and go for a spin on the 150th Clacton Anniversary Wheel.

ethan little e water cannons clacton pavilion water park

They had so much fun and it was so nice seeing them enjoy each others company. We also had a beach hut day at Clacton. Our siblings had so much fun playing in the sea. We even brought them some bodyboards to try in the sea.

smiling little e ethan 150th anniversary wheel clacton pavilion wheel

Our siblings also went on a Disney adventure in August. We didn’t expect that any form of travel would be possible this year. When Disney Cruise Line announced the Disney Magic at Sea Seacations we knew our siblings would love to get back on the Disney Magic. The problem was Ethan had massive issues around taking the PCR tests. To board the ship the children would have to have a negative PCR test and a lateral flow test at the port. We had to do lots of practising with Ethan and he overcome his fear and sensory issues for his love of the Disney Magic and its Oceaneer Club. We are all very proud of him.

ethan little e looking out disney magic window southampton project 365 2021

Our siblings August ended following the Octopus Ahoy! art trail. There were twenty-nine octopus sculptures placed around tendering. We found them all in four days. Our siblings had so much fun hunting them all down.

ethan little e alien octopus ahoy octopus art trail

The Animal Crossing game was also a big part of our siblings summer holiday. Little E asked for the game for her seventh birthday. Ethan has never been interested in the Nintendo Switch but started to play Animal Crossing. He plays it in his own way. Mostly walking around and hitting the over villages with his net. He is happy and enjoying it and the children have really bonded over it.

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