Viral Infections and Conjunctivitis

Since last Wednesday Ethan has been ill, a different ill from when he had tonsillitis and croup but ill none the less. 

It started off with a cold and he now has a horrible cough, a cough that sounds like it should come from an adult not his little body. He isn’t eating again but thankfully he is drinking, milk more than water but fluids are fluids. When he had tonsillitis he wouldn’t even touch his beaker. On Friday the doctor confirmed that he had a viral infection and on Sunday we had to take a trip to our local walk in centre as Ethan now has conjunctivitis.  

Its been a tough week, Ethan has just wanted us at his side the whole time and the only thing that is keeping him happy is Pooh’s Heffalump Movie. I think we are going for the world record for how many times we can watch this movie in a day. 

I think we are both starting to get cabin fever!

To make matters worse Ethan has passed his infection onto my parents and I’m slowly and surely losing my voice and starting to ache all over. 

Since starting nursery it feels like we have rolled from one infection into another, bring on the warmer weather…

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