little e walking away holding umbrella

Project 365 2021 Weeks 36 & 37 Day’s 247-260

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2021 Weeks 36 and 37. These past two weeks we have been adapting to our new weekly routine. Ethan started in the senior side of the school, fingers crossed we think it is going well so far. We also had an adventure in London as well as one close to home. I’m already looking forward to the October half term and some much-needed rest days.

Project 365 – 2021 Weeks 36 & 37

Day 247

flashing lights clarks shoes

Little E had a shoe dilemma. She told us the new school shoes we got her hurt her feet. She refused to wear them after one day. Darren took her to Clarks this morning to change them. They came home with these flashing ones.

Day 248

ethan little e outside lion king lyceum theatre

We went to London today, our first time since February 2019 when we went to watch Andy and the Band. I had booked tickets for the relaxed performance on the Lion King. I can’t remember when we were originally meant to go and watch it but this was our rescheduled date. It’s not my favourite West End show. The Lion King in Animal Kingdom holds a special place in my heart. I thought it would be a good one for the children’s first theatre experience. Ethan loved it and behaved amazingly. Little E got a bit fidgety but we were in the theatre for a very long time.

Day 249

ethan first day seniors

Ethan was back to school today. It was his first day as a senior. Thankfully he was happy to go back to school and we didn’t have a fight this morning.

Day 250

young jane holding parrot

I had a busy workday today and I didn’t get the chance to take a photo. My mum however was sorting out her old photos and sent me this photo. It is me on one of our summer holidays in the UK. I’m guessing I was about five as I remember getting my hair cut into a bob at that age.

Day 251

ethan little e walking across sunny filed

The sun is out, it forgot to join us in August! This meant back to summer uniforms and a sunny walk to school.

Day 252

pink flower

I snapped this photo on the school run. Busy workdays mean flower spotting for photos for me.

Day 253

dooney bourke 101 dalmatians crossbody bag

A Disney delivery day today. Always the best deliveries. This time it was for me. I treated myself to a bag as I haven’t moved over to a smaller one for myself yet.

Day 254

sunflower multiple heads 2021 Weeks 36

I have been meaning to take a photo of our sunflowers for a while. It has become multi-headed. Darren was at work today and I tried to catch up with some ironing.

Day 255

ethan surfboard sea 2021 Weeks 36

It was our last beach hut day for the summer. We have had four this year. We got a mini surfboard last time and brought another one today so the children both had one. Ethan was getting the hang of it today.

Day 256

multi headed sunflower 2021 Weeks 36

Another busy workday calls for another sunflower photo.

Day 257

little e walking away holding umbrella 2021 Weeks 36

We had rain, not much but it was such a nice break from the hot school runs this week.

Day 258

iphone software update message 2021 Weeks 36

The news kept telling me I needed to update my iPhone software so I made sure I did as I was told today.

Day 259

little e sunglasses 2021 Weeks 36

It was still sunny and it was time to get the sunglasses out.

Day 260

purple flower 2021 Weeks 36

The children found a beautiful purple flower on the way home from school.

That was our 2021 Weeks 36 and 37 adventures. You can read about week 35 here.

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9 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Weeks 36 & 37 Day’s 247-260”

  1. Glad the new school year is going well. Big step up to senior school for Ethan. APart from that one day, the weather’s turned out quite nice hasn’t it. We’ve not been to the coast for 2 years now. Definitely withdrawal symptoms here.

  2. Lion King is one of my favourite west end shows I have seen it 4x now. Can’t wait to make the children to see it as they’ve not seen it yet (Iwent lots before they were born!!)

    Glad the shoes were sorted, did you get a free exchange?

  3. Little E’s new school shoes are very cool with the flashing lights. Glad Ethan enjoyed seeing the Lion King. Love the old photo of you when you were about five. It’s been nice having some sunshine again on the school run hasn’t it? Hope Ethan is settling in well at senior school. Love the sunflowers and Little E’s sunglasses and umbrella. #project365

  4. I’ve got a lot of flowers this week too! It’s my go to when life’s busy and I don’t have time to think about photos! I was contemplating tickets for the Lion King with the boys so would be good to know what you think? Great you got new school shoes and that you had a chance to go to back to the beach hut.

  5. Glad to hear Ethan’s first day in a big school went well, he looks happy. Love the new shoes, very trendy. And the new Disney purse is super cute. Glad to hear you managed to have one last visit to the seaside this year. Beautiful sunflowers and hollyhocks.

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