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Our Siblings During May 2021

Our sibling’s lives have got a bit busier with more things opening up as we emerge from lockdown again. May 2021 started with Ethan’s eleventh birthday celebrations. We booked Ethan a birthday visit to a beach hut. Booking Sunnysands in Walton-on-the-Naze. The forecast wasn’t great and we were meant to have rain all day. Thankfully the rain stayed away. It was a cold day at the beach but our children had an amazing time.

ethan little e birthday cake beach hut

This month our siblings are very close again. Wanting each other’s company and giving me moments to capture cuddles. But Ethan is having a moment of jumping which is making things interesting. He is also taking himself off to our room to have some alone time. This is a very new thing for him as he would never normally leave our side.

ethan little e school run cuddles

In April I treated Little E to a live butterfly garden. Ethan wasn’t too bothered with the caterpillars when they first arrived. But he became more aware as the weeks went on. In May 2021 we were able to release our butterflies. We all really enjoyed this experience and our kitchen was weird without them after we said goodbye.

ethan little e releasing butterfly May 2021

Our siblings requested a trip to Colchester Zoo. I had to queue on my laptop for four hours to get the tickets and the children were so happy to finally return to the zoo.

ethan little e sitting on fake rhinoceros colchester zoo May 2021

This month Little E has been making good progress with her reading. It feels like she is getting new books every few days. She is also on the reading stage for her age now. Starting the learning to read journey with her was a bit of a battle in reception. I’m so proud of her recent progress. I must admit that I feel like we are letting her down a little as we aren’t completing the home learning challenges every week. Getting back into the after school routine was a real shock to the system for all of us. I really hope next term we can be a bit more consistent for her.

May 2021 ended with the start of the May half-term holiday. We were able to treat our siblings to a few adventures. The last one for the month of May was a seal watching trip. This was something for Little E as seals are some of her favourite animals. We all had an amazing time and it was the perfect start to our week’s holiday together.

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