ethan little e sparklers

Our Siblings During November 2020

In November 2020 the country entered lock-down 2.0. Meaning the Christmas activities I had planned for our Siblings in late November had to be cancelled. I had booked tickets to visit Christmas at Kew and Lapland UK. Thankfully our siblings didn’t know about these trips so there was no upset for them because of the cancellations. So November 2020 was another quiet month for our siblings.

ethan little e sparklers

The start of November brings with it Guy Fawkes Night. We normally watch the local fireworks display from our house. The crowd restrictions in place brought with it firework show cancelations. I did find a local drive-in fireworks display but this was cancelled when the lockdown was announced. Walking the children to school I had the realisation that Little E has never experienced sparklers. Thankfully our friends had some unused sparklers that they gave to us. So this November our children were able to have a small fireworks celebration in our garden.

ethan new green bike November 2020

We took the children for a few walks during November. When Ethan learned to ride his bike on two wheels in June we ordered him a new bike. It was still a bit too big for him but this November we decided it was time to make the jump to the bigger bike. He still needs to work on his confidence but at least this bike isn’t too small for him anymore.

little e ethans old green bike

On these bike rides Little E had to use her brother’s old bike. She had grown out of her princess bike and it was clear Ethan’s old bike was also small for her. We would have to request a new bike from Santa!

ethan cadbury chocolate box delivery

In November Ethan got a delivery of Cadbury’s chocolate from my work. I had sent his pumpkin carving photo in for our monthly newsletter. As a thank you for taking part they wanted to send him this special gift.

little e decorating christmas tree

At the end of December, we put up our Christmas tree. Little E took over my job as the lead decorator and did an amazing job at making our tree look very pretty.

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