ethan finished jack-o-lantern

Painting & Carving Pumpkins Halloween 2020

This year asking Ethan what he wanted to do for the October half term he said pumpkins. I was hoping to book a socially distanced pumpkin picking spot at the Foxes Farm patch. Unfortunately, I was too late and all the slots were fully booked. Ethan was given a ticket to visit Marsh Farm from Essex Short Breaks. They hold a Halloween Festival every year. The entrance price also includes a pumpkin for every child. This year the children choose between painting and carving pumpkins.

Ethan’s First Time Carving Pumpkins

ethan holding pumpkin

When we first introduced Ethan to pumpkin carving he was very interested. However, last year we couldn’t get Ethan to come into the same room as the pumpkin carving.

ethan watching darren carving pumpkins

This year it was a completely different story. Ethan sat with Darren whilst he started to carve Ethan’s pumpkin. Ethan also took little turns to carve his pumpkin, with support.

ethan darren carving pumpkins
ethan darren cutting eyes carving pumpkins

He was even brave enough to put his hand inside his pumpkin. He made us well aware that he didn’t like the feel of the insides of the pumpkin.

ethan darren scooping out pumpkin insides carving pumpkins
ethan scooping out pumpkin insides carving pumpkins

I think Ethan’s beaning smile shows just how proud he is of this year’s pumpkin.

ethan finished jack-o-lantern

Painting Pumpkins

Little E wanted to paint her pumpkin again. We still have our much loved Little Brian Paint Sticks which are perfect for pumpkin painting.

little e holding pumpkin

This year it was all about pink painting for Little E. She took the time to paint shapes, cats, and even words that she is learning to read on her pumpkin.

little e painting pumpkin
little e painting her pumpkin pink

Little E took lots of time and pride in her pumpkins appearance. She was extremely proud of this year’s pumpkin creation.

little e painting pumpkin paint sticks

Before Little E started her pumpkin painting we used it to create her work for her Autumn Children’s University challenges. She had to draw a pumpkin and label the parts of the pumpkin.

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