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Our Siblings During October 2020

During October 2020 our siblings were able to continue with some of their new (old) routines. Going to school, swimming lessons, and ballet for Little E. At the weekends we didn’t really do much apart from escaping to Holland-on-Sea for a walk. This was so that Ethan could let off some steam at his favourite place.

little e ethan holland-on-sea beach october 2020

In the middle of October Ethan started to cough. Sometimes Ethan will cough as one of his autistic stims but he was coughing every hour. As this continued into the next day we thought it best to follow government guidelines and order Ethan a Covid-19 test. In August I was randomly selected to take a Covid-19 test, I hoped the children seeing me have this done would make this situation easier. Having to test Ethan is something I hope we don’t have to experience again anytime soon. It was a heartbreaking experience for us all.

ethan little e playing osmo together

Whilst waiting for Ethan’s test result we all had to isolate. The children had to stay off of school. And Darren had to push back the start date for his new job. During this extra time at home, the children started to play together. They do play together in their own way but this time Little E introduced Ethan to the OSMO. Something that we haven’t been able to get Ethan interested in. Our siblings worked together solving the puzzles and playing the games. Both of them learning from each other.

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Thankfully Ethan’s Covid-19 result came back negative. Meaning our siblings could spend the last few days of the October 2020 term in school before breaking up for the half-term holiday.

ethan little e skeletons pumpkins marsh farm

We started the half-term with a trip to the Halloween Festival at Marsh Farm. It was Ethan’s request to see pumpkins and thankfully I was able to book a last-minute slot.

ethan pushing little e swings

Darren started his new job on the Tuesday of the half-term. It was the first time he had gone out to work since April. Both children found it strange. Ethan would question our new routine and Little E would cry that she missed her daddy.

ethan little e mcdonalds October 2020

Thankfully I had taken holiday to take the October Half-Term off with the children. During our days together I took the children to the park and for lunch in McDonald’s. They took the chance to show me how they could swing on the big swings. We even ventured to our local soft play. I was proud of myself for being so brave. A few years ago I couldn’t leave the house with both children on my own. We have come a long way together!

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