Popcorn – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

I love popcorn, it’s the highlight of a cinema trip for me. Not that we get many of those anymore! Recently I have discovered popcorn in the supermarket, I have no idea why I have never thought of buying it from there before but we have been treating ourselves every now and then.

At first Ethan wasn’t interested in trying any of the new snack, and we didn’t force the issue as food is a constant battle in our house. But over the recent weeks we have noticed a change in Ethan, he is paying more attention to the food on our plates and even trying some of the food every now and then. I think this is a stage that happens in weaning, and at three, nearly four I’m keeping everything crossed that we are now going through this process.

On Sunday Ethan totally surprised us by getting excited when the bag of popcorn come out and showing us that he wanted it open. Now perhaps this is a bad sign on us, we are eating too much popcorn but it was interesting what happened next. Ethan shared the popcorn with us, in fact he ate nearly half of the bag!

Now there has been a bit of a process in getting here, Ethan has been examining this snack for quite a few weeks by looking at the popcorn and feeding it to us. We never expected him to try this snack himself.

A very small step but an amazing achievement for him.

This also means we need some more popcorn to see if Ethan decides to eat it with us again!

7 thoughts on “Popcorn – Small Steps Amazing Achievements”

  1. Haha maybe he will take after my husband who is OBSESSED with popcorn! Always makes Orange Wednesdays not such a good deal when you have to spend a fortune on popcorn!

  2. That is such a great step! Every little step with getting them to try new food is such a relief and always makes me so extremely happy (even if most of the time Yon would try and say “no”) 🙂 Great achievement Ethan!

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