Countdown – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

As Ethan is showing an interest in letters I thought that we should see if he likes watching countdown. You never know we might have a little genius on our hands!

So for the past few weeks we have been watching the show. The countdown clock was an instant hit. Ethan loves the music and the noise it makes. It makes him jump all round the room and sometimes he even spins on the spot!

Ethan likes watching the letters and numbers being selected. For about ten minutes of the programme I have been able to ask Ethan where certain letters are in the selection and he sounds them out for me. I had been sticking to the letters I know he knows, but the other day I asked him about the ‘W’ and he said ‘W’ very clearly.

I know it’s not a massive achievement but its a nice way to keep Ethan interested in letters and a nice little bonding activity for us.

9 thoughts on “Countdown – Small Steps Amazing Achievements”

  1. I actually really love that idea! We never have anything other than cbeebies on and I wouldn’t have though of watching countdown, but now you’ve said it, I think it’s a great idea as he loves the letters! Hmm may have to try with Monkey, thanks! xx #ssamazingachievements

  2. that is so cute that he likes countdown. J was really into his numbers from a really young age except at the time we didn’t even realise that he was any ‘different’ – he still loves his maths. Well done on getting the ‘w’ Ethan. x

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