Project 365

Project 365 2015 Week 17 Days 109-115

A photo a day, every day, for a year!

Day 109

There must have been a bad accident near our house as the Air Ambulance helicopter landed in a field near our house. Darren took Ethan for a walk so that he could see it, he took this photo for me.


Day 110

A walk into town for us today to get Little E weighed. The photos in the park have changed so it was only right to take a photo of them.


Day 111

I had an appointment in London today, which gave me a chance to catch up with friends. I also spotted a Shaun The Sheep!


Day 112

When Ethan was taken upstairs to get dressed, Little E was quick off the mark and had a go on his iPad.


Day 113

It was hair cut day for me and Ethan, unfortunately haircuts have started to be a big issue for Ethan again. In a bid to help Ethan, Little E ended up having her first haircut. It wasn’t something I was expecting as I didn’t really want to cut her hair yet but you try anything to help prevent a meltdown.


Day 114

We ended up buying Little E an Upsey Daisy whilst doing the food shop. We spotted a toy for Ethan’s birthday and there was a two for £14 offer which means we got her for £4 extra.


Day 115

We treated Ethan to the Mr Tumble magazine in the week and I gave it to him today. Little E decided she wanted to help with the stickers.

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