Project 365

Project 365 2017 Week 3 Days 15-21

A photo a day, every day, for a year!

Day 15

We had a day of watching You Tube vlogs. The Tim Tracker was today’s choice of viewing.

Day 16

We walked into town today, I took a quick photo of the castle as we walked past.

Day 17

I took our siblings photos today and managed to capture Little E giving Ethan a quick kiss.

Day 18

It was a very cold walk to swimming today. Little E wasn’t very impressed with the ice, or snow as she called it.

Day 19

Today it was Darren’s birthday, it was celebrated with a cherry birthday cake.

Day 20

Darren took Little E for a walk today with her baby.

Day 21

I misread the date of a stay and play session for Ethan and Little E which meant it was closed. To avoid any meltdowns we drove to nanny’s to get out of the house for a bit. The children really enjoyed looking and reading the books today.

Project 365


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