Learning The Days Of The Week

learning the days of the week

Just before Christmas Ethan started to tell us what day of the week it was. It was clear he had been learning the days of the week. He would tell me what the day was and what yesterday was. He always got it right. I noticed that he would use the iPad in the mornings to check the days. I had to make sure I set the time to the correct GMT time as we had a bit of confusion one morning when the day wasn’t the expected one. I was unsure if this new-found love of the days was something that Ethan had taught himself. It was clear after the same scripted words from Ethan that he was repeating what they were saying at school every morning.

This new skill was fantastic over the Christmas holiday. We were able to talk through the days with Ethan and tell him when it was Christmas day. I think it really helped his understanding. We didn’t escape the meltdowns but things felt a little more settled than they have been.

Little E made a 2017 calendar at nursery and we decided to give it to Ethan so that he could cross off each day. I have put squares around his ‘home days’ and there was a circle around daddy’s birthday.

Last week Ethan also gave us a little more insight in how they are being taught the days of the week at school. He sang the days of the week to what sounded like the Adam’s Family theme tune. There was even the added clapping at all the right sections. It made us laugh and we all sang the song together much to Little E’s delight.

It has been lovely to see this progress, knowing that it is helping Ethan. I’m sure that it is making Ethan more aware of his routine. This greater understanding is really welcomed in our family.


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