ethan looking out sea disney dream deck project 365 2023

Project 365 2023 Week 35, 36 & 37 Days 238-258

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2023 Week 35, 36 and 37. These weeks brought the end of the summer holidays and our trip on the Disney Dream to Bilbao. The children returned to school. Little E started in year five and Ethan entered year nine.

Project 365 – 2023 Week 35

Day 238

hamburger happy meal large fries project 365 2023

Today was our McDonald’s day. A day later than normal and we had to explain the change to Ethan. Having our treat today just fitted better into our plans.

Day 239

2 day disney cruise line countdown project 365 2023

The countdown is on. Only two days until we set foot on the Disney Dream. Since Covid, I tend to keep our travel plans on the down low. We had so many plans cancelled in those COVID-19 years I hate to burst any excitement if plans have to change.

Day 240

red blue mickey mouse cruise ears matching mother daughter set project 365 2023

Time to dig out our Minnie Ears. I had these matching ears made for Little E and myself for our Norway sailing. It’s only right to wear them when we board the Disney Dream.

Day 241

lasagna salad garlic bread project 365 2023

We drove down to Southampton today. Staying at the Premier Inn we stayed in two years ago when we sailed on the Seacation. We had dinner in the restaurant. I opted for the lasagna, something I hadn’t eaten for a while.

Day 242

darren jane ethan little e disney cruise line 25th anniversary cutout disney dream project 365 2023

We made it onto the Disney Dream! We were ready for four nights of Disney magic celebrating 25 years of Disney Cruise Line.

Day 243

ethan little e sitting window seat disney dream bilbao

Our first day at sea. We spent the day exploring the ship as well as watching the matinee performance of Beauty and the Beast. I had wanted to see this show on the Disney ships for many years and it was amazing. It was based on the live-action movie rather than the animated version. The performers were amazing and we should have watched the evening performance too.

Day 244

janes hand holding drink day swimming pool disney dream bilbao

Today the Disney Dream docked at Bilbao port. We had already decided that we wouldn’t get off the ship and just enjoy our time on it. So we let the children have a pool day. The first time we have ever really done this. I sat in this spot all day while the children went from pool to pool. We also went on the AquaDuck. The children had a great day. Darren did actually get off the ship but that was just so he could take some photos of it in port.

Project 365 – 2023 Week 36

Day 245

ethan looking out sea disney dream deck project 365 2023

Another sea day today. I found the sea a little rough but then I am very sensitive to the movements. We were going to watch the new Haunted Mansion film but we got the timings wrong. So we let the children have another pool day whilst we wrapped up warm on the deck. I didn’t want to sit in the sun again and the wind was making the shaded areas of the ship quite cold. They have blankets to hand out for colder weather.

Day 246

disney dream looking out back coach window project 365 2023

Sunday morning and it’s time to say goodbye to the Disney Dream. We had an early breakfast and said goodbye to our serving team. And then it is time to be kicked off the ship. It always makes me laugh. I feel like they are saying you have had your Disney fun now leave. We were home by lunchtime.

Day 247

open full yellow rose project 365 2023

Back to work for me today! It was nice to see the roses in the garden are still blooming.

Day 248

janes hand holding blue pearlescent disney cruise line mug project 365 2023

Time for tea in my new Disney Crusie Line mug.

Day 249

little e first day year five project 365 2023

It was back to school for Little E today. Her first day in year five.

Day 250

ethan first day year nine project 365 2023

It was Ethan’s turn to go back to school today. He is starting in year nine but is staying in the same class as last year. We are very glad about that as he has a great teacher.

Day 251

open full red rose project 365 2023

Another rose in full bloom. I might fill my garden with roses as I haven’t managed to kill these off yet!

Project 365 – 2023 Week 37

Day 252

chosen ones veronica roth book swimming bench project 365 2023

We have had to swap Little E’s swimming lessons to a Saturday to fit in her new athletics club. I took her today, taking my current book with me in the hope I would have time to read. I ended up watching Little E swim instead of reading as I haven’t watched her swimming lessons for a few years now.

Day 253

little e wearing homemade black cat mask project 365 2023

Little E was desperate to make herself a mask. We went to Hobbycraft and she picked out all the things she needed. She started to paint it today as soon as we came home.

Day 254

little e wearing black cat mask white pom poms feathers project 365 2023

Little E’s finished masl. She wanted to add feathers and pom poms. I think it looks really good.

Day 255

yellow rose bud

Another rosebud appeared today. I thought the roses would stop blooming by now being so late in the summer months.

Day 256

ethan pushing pram

One of the school-run mums had to look after her baby nephew today. Ethan wanted to push the pram. He was very excited about the baby.

Day 257

british gas bank payment

I got a letter demanding a payment from Britsh Gas that was missed. This was an account from our old house. I knew I had paid the bill so I had to find the payment details and get them to double check.

Day 258

little e holding ice cream sunday covered chocolate sprinkles flake

There was an inflatable fun day at Little E’s school today. I thought it was a strange thing to do at the start of term and not at the end. We went and both children had a great time.

That was our 2023 Week 35, 36 and 37 adventure. You can read about weeks 32, 33 and 34 here.

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