Saying Goodbye To The Dummy – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

We gave Ethan a dummy when he was seven weeks old, I was sad that we did, but sometimes needs must.

Ethan’s dummy was used at bedtime and it was a way of indicating it was time to sleep. As time went on it also become one of the things he liked to chew and we used it to stop him from chewing his tops. This meant he could sometimes have it all day when he was in a chewing mood, it also meant we had to replace them nearly twice a month.

As Ethan has got older I have been worrying about how the use of a dummy would affect his teeth and the shape of his mouth. All the pictures they have of this in the children’s clinic didn’t help with my fears.

Knowing that Christmas was coming and Darren had some holiday I thought it was the perfect time for the battle of the dummy to take place. I was expecting lots of crying, screaming and sleepless nights to take place.

Unfortunately on boxing day Ethan had four nosebleeds and he wasn’t very well so we thought it best to leave the dummy battle for another time.

Darren always puts Ethan to bed, they have their own routine that I just don’t do the same, he is such a daddy’s boy! One night over the Christmas period Darren come down from putting Ethan to bed and he handed me the dummy. Darren just decided that he would try to not give it to him, and Ethan had fallen asleep without any protest.

And that, was that!

Ethan hasn’t looked for a dummy or cried for a dummy since. We still can’t believe it, we were sure he was going to put up such a fight.

We think that Ethan must have known we were talking about the fact that we would be stopping the dummy and decided to co-operate with us. We are still in shock over how easy saying goodbye to the dummy was!

9 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye To The Dummy – Small Steps Amazing Achievements”

  1. Well done Ethan!! The dummy fairy had recently been to our house, we had to resort to bribery to get achieve the same outcome!

  2. Wow that’s brilliant news. Well done. One of my friend’s little boy had one, although his twin sister never liked them. They had to use the dummy fairy to finally wean him off it, but didn’t go as smoothly as your experience! #SSAA

  3. Oh, I’m so pleased it was easy – we never used dummies, but our 4yo sucks his fingers and we’re struggling to get him to stop doing that – sadly we can’t remove them!

  4. I had a similar experience with Ben where I was sure it was going to be a big drama – I told him once he’d chewed a hole in the current one there would be no more and that was that – he wasn’t at all bothered!

  5. That is amazing. I suppose there just comes a time when child and dummy are ready to part. Both my boys were dummy-suckers. Things are a bit hazy now, but we took the dummy away from the older boy after a few months and did have to endure a few loud nights. The younger son kept his for a few years and used to like having two – one in his mouth and holding the other. I remember waking in the night to his shouts for a dummy to find he still had one in his mouth but had dropped the one he was holding. Thanks for hosting this llinky.

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