Shetland Ponies

Last weekend it was the nurseries summer fete and we decided to take Ethan and see what was going on. They had pony rides for the children and they were Shetland Ponies, the perfect size for Ethan. Ethan was very lucky as it was quiet when we got there so we let him ride both of the ponies. 

We think he enjoyed himself as he smiled during both of the rides. Ethan also played hook the duck, with my help, and he won nanny some sweets. The pony rides were a nice unexpected treat as I haven’t had a chance to book another pony ride at the farm for him yet. 

5 thoughts on “Shetland Ponies”

  1. Ahh well done to Ethan for winning hook a duck and some sweets for Nanny. Those ponies look the perfect size too 🙂 and he looks like he really enjoyed it!

  2. Pony riding is definitely a hit with Ethan; what a stroke of luck that they were at the summer fete, his little face lights up with joy. Thanks for linking up and sharing Ethan’s outdoor fun with Country Kids.

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