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Our Siblings During August 2016

This month I’m late with my sibling’s August 2016 post. It’s not because I didn’t have time to take the photos, I just haven’t had the time to blog. There has been lots of juggling happening in our house at the moment!

This month I took our sibling’s photos whilst taking the children to a play park. Ethan needed to get out of the house so we were up and out bright and early. This means an empty play park, perfect for our family.

ethan little e toddler swings

August 2016 has seen a change in our siblings relationship. I feel it is mostly Little E’s doing but Ethan is also following suit.

Little E has started to copy and mirror Ethan’s every move. She is following him around the garden, around the play park, basically anywhere and everywhere he goes. What I love at the moment is watching them race around the garden on their toddlebikes. The garden fills with lots of singing and laughing.

ethan little e riding toddlebikes

She is even following him to places which aren’t suitable for her age. There is no stopping her, she knows what she wants.

ethan little e climbing ladder playground August 2016

Ethan is also learning through this play. He now ‘plays’ in the garden when Little E is there and looks totally lost when she isn’t around. Ethan will also follow her when the mood takes him.

ethan little e going down slide playground August 2016

As normal in their sibling relationship, everything is very much on Ethan’s terms. There was a time when Little E wanted them to play trains together. She tried to hand him his train. Ethan didn’t register the social cues and ended up ignoring her.

There are still moments when Ethan is rough with his sister. A rugby tackle is his favorite way of cuddling her. We do have to act like referees every day but in the moments of the madness, there are always nice siblings moments thrown in.

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