ethan laying on little es back

Our Siblings During January 2016

This year I want to make more of an effort to try to move away from our monthly sofa photos. So last weekend in the freezing cold wind, we took our siblings for a walk along the beach. Ethan loves visiting Frinton-on-Sea. As my children like to keep moving I didn’t have the chance to set up a photo opportunity. This is our siblings in January 2016.

ethan little e walking beach frinton-on-sea
ethan little e walking holding hands frinton-on-sea

Not too bad looking at then now but last night we thought we should try to take our sofa shots. I think they really show how much our children change over the year.

Little E didn’t want to play ball. Ethan was very eager to cuddle his sister but she didn’t want to stay still.

ethan trying to cuddle little e
ethan laying on little es back January 2016

In the end, milk helped capture the photo. Ethan was actually saying ‘cheese’ in this photo.

ethan little e drinking milk January 2016

This month the children got some extra time together because of the Christmas Holidays. As always the holidays are quite a challenge for Ethan and there were some boisterous moments and tears between them. Ethan is trying to play with Little E as he does with the boys at school. We have to keep telling him that she is still a baby.

Little E still absolutely adores her big brother, there are fantastic moments filled with giggles. This mostly consists of jumping on the bed or the sofas. All of which has to be closely monitored so it doesn’t end in tears.

The feeling is clearly mutual for Ethan as he always wants to make sure they have the same things. The January 2016 obsession is toothpaste, Ethan has his toothpaste and Little E has hers. He likes them to hold the tubes in the morning. Sometimes Little E will play along if she doesn’t it does cause a bit of friction.

They both still have a lot to learn about each other and how each other’s personality works. This will cause clashes but I’m sure they will get there in the end.

5 thoughts on “Our Siblings During January 2016”

  1. Oh, my two clash all the time, but then they have such different personalities so it doesn’t surprise me! And well done for getting some photos of them together, both looking at the camera! You did much better than me this month! Hehe! xx

  2. Aww they do look like they have a lot of fun together – and as Little E gets a bit bigger and more robust they’re going to have a blast!

  3. I love the photos of Ethan and Little E out for a walk together and seeing Little E looking like she was trying to escape the sofa shots made me chuckle – it certainly is a challenge trying to get two children to both look at the camera! I love the way Ethan is cuddling her and they do seem to have a lovely bond in all the photos I see of them together. It’s lovely that Ethan wants them to have the same things although I am sure that can also be challenging at times too. Lovely update on your little pair again this month ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. The best laid plans . . .
    I must admit my three are getting a little easier to photograph now! They’ve learned its easier to just do it quickly and then they can go!

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