ethan little e running sea

Our Siblings During September 2016

September 2016 has brought with it sunny days. We have been able to take our siblings to see the sea. We visited Clacton-on-Sea after our dinner yesterday and I was able to capture my sibling’s photo for this month.

little e ethan throwing stones sea

My two siblings where they are at their happiest, at the beach watching the sea.

ethan little e running sea

September 2016 has been a tough month for our siblings. They were having to get used to each other’s space again during the summer holidays. As the month wore on they enjoyed each other’s company more and more. Days out that I worried would be hard work were enjoyable and they had fun making memories together.

It is clear that when our siblings are apart they miss each other. When Little E is at nursery Ethan will always ask where she is. Little E normally welcomes Ethan home from school with squeals of delight.

Little E is Ethan’s shadow and is copying his every move and any phrase that he says. Journeys in the car are often full of noise as Ethan shouts out what the colour of the traffic lights mean and she copies him. This is such a contrast to when our car journeys were in silence.

Ethan still has to learn that Little E is her own person. He tries to put her where she thinks she needs to be. There is normally protest from her when he does this. We always thought when she became mobile he would struggle with this concept. It’s as she gets older that he likes to keep her in the routine that he expects.

With the return to school, both siblings will have to get used to a new routine. Hopefully, the calm that has descended on the house over the past week will continue.

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  1. We had the same when MM was finally finding her own voice and B wasn’t sure what to do with her new found freedom of speech and refusal to be his toy. Now they play more like equals but that first year of her walking talking and becoming her own person I think was confusing for him. It’s amazing to see the different dynamic they go through as siblings isn’t it? What gorgeous captures this month. #siblingsproject

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